Agriculture and Contemporary art: what is the invisible bond that ties artists and food growers to the same land?

Seeds of Renaissance is the first documentary film by Singral on the artistic value of food growing. A journey to discover the scenery, the techniques and the personal stories of some of the most passionate Italian local food growers and contemporary artists, into the extraordinary universe that is the rural world and its unusual connections with the artistic environment.

We believe every unique food, produced with respect for the soil that nourishes it, has a story which deserves to be told long before it comes to chefs, starred restaurants and to our tables.

Moreover we are convinced that if we all knew more about agricultural production, in all its elements including the human aspect, we would be able to make wiser choices.

This can ultimately bring us closer to a world where healthy, uncontaminated food is readily accessible to everyone, and where the land is better protected both as a biological environment and as a landscape.

Seeds of Renaissance comes in two formats and languages: long form and interactive (web doc), Italian and English.


Press Kit Italiano

English Press Kit


Trailer Italiano 


English Trailer